1. hesaru belle-1/2 cup
  2. green or red chilles -3 to 4
  3. haldi-1/2 tsp
  4. sasivae-1tsp
  5. jeerige-1 tsp
  6. oil 2 tsp,
  7. fresh grated coconut-2 tblsp
  8. nimbu rasa-1 tblsp
  9. vegetables-single or mixed
    • semae badane
    • herae kayi
    • padavalakayi
    • kumbala kayi
    • sorae kayi
    • carrot
    • cabbage


  1. keep belle in cooker with very little water
  2. in a separete container keep vegetable with little water boil both
  3. keep both in cooker
  4. heat oil in a kadai add sasivae,jeerigae and chilles
  5. add haldi, boiled belle & vegetables
  6. add salt, sugar boil
  7. add coconut, nimbu rasa & curry leaves boil well


towve should not be kept outside (room temp)for a long time as it will stale fast

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