Tomato Soup


  1. tomatoes-1 kg
  2. onions-2
  3. ginger-1'' piece
  4. carrot-1(grated)
  5. beet root-1 small piece
  6. sugar-2 tsp
  7. black pepper to taste
  8. salt to taste
  9. fried bread pieces


  1. cut tomatoes,onions into big pieces
  2. peel grate ginger
  3. put all vegetables in a cooker pour water just to cover vegetables
  4. pressure cook till you get one whistle
  5. cool ,take out beet root piece
  6. grind other things in a mixy sieve through strainer
  7. add some more water reheat adding salt ,sugar, boil add black pepper powder to taste
  8. serve hot
  9. add fried bread pieces with ghee
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