1. raw rice-3 cups or 1 seru
  2. uddina belle(urad dhal)-1 cup or 1 cup and 1 handfull


  1. wash both rice and uddina belle,separetly, soak for 1/2 an hour
  2. drain through colander
  3. spread on a cloth and dry in a shady place(inside the house)
  4. mix both together,
  5. mill it to a fine powder
  6. sieve it
  7. if you want you can fry urad dhal a little.

Method for making thengolalu

  1. take 11/4 cup -powder
  2. salt-2 to 3 tsp
  3. jeera-1 tsp
  4. hing-1/4 tsp
  5. RG ghee or hot oil-2 tblsp

oil for frying
heat the oil in a kadai

  1. take the powder in a broad bowl or basin,add salt ,jeera,hing (mixed in water)
  2. mix well add RG ghee or oil
  3. add water little by little knead into a thick dough ,knead well
  4. put the dough into a greased"chakkuli press",press on a polythene sheet deep fry in hot oil,few at a time
  5. or you can squeeze directly into oil

cool and store in an air tight container



  1. raw rice-11/2 cups or 1 kg
  2. urad dhal-3/4 cup or 1/2 kg

mill it together.


  1. take 2 cups of water,add 1 tsp of jeera seeds,salt-11/2 tsp,hing,RG ghee -50 gms,yeldhara powder-1/2 tsp
  2. mix everything to a bread crumbs stage.
  3. make medium sticky dough.
  4. make tengolalu in the greased chakkuli press ,and fry in hot oil.
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