1. rice powder-1 cup
  2. jaggery-1 1/2 cup
  3. grated fresh coconut or kobbari-2 tblsp
  4. ghee-2 tblsp
  5. ellakki powder-a little


  1. wash and soak rice for sometime,drain it on a colander,powder the rice or you can use raw rice powder also.
  2. add little water to jaggery,and heat in medium flame.
  3. when jaggery is dissolved,strain through tea strainer to remove dirt.
  4. pour it back in kadai and heat again,add coconut,ghee,ellakki powder,finally add rice powder little by little,cook for a minute .remove from fire .
  5. make small balls using wet hands


same way you can do with godi hittu(wheat flour)
fry wheat flour with ghee till it gives out pleasant smell.can mix more ghee if necessary.and form into balls

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