Sukkina Oondae

ingredients for hurranna

  1. fresh grated coconut-1 cup
  2. bella(jaggerry)-1/2 cup
  3. chirrotti rava(fried)-1 tblsp
  4. ellakki powder-1 tsp
  5. black til(fried)-a little


  1. mix coconut,bella in a kadai,fry till the bella is melted and mixture becomes dry
  2. add ellakki powder,rava,til and mix well


  1. uddina belle-1 cup
  2. rice-2 to 3 tblsps
  3. salt-a pinch

oil -for frying


  1. wash and soak both uddina belle and rice separetly
  2. grind both separetly with very little water .,the hittu should not be watery
  3. mix both well adding salt,mix very well

method for making oondae

  1. make small balls out of hurranna,dip this in uddina belle hittu,and fry like "bonda"
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