Shankara Poli


  1. maida-2 cups
  2. chiroti rava-1 cup
  3. besan-1/4 cup
  4. salt-to taste
  5. red chilli powder or pepper powder-1 tsp
  6. hing-a pinch
  7. om -a little
  8. cooking soda-a pinch
  9. ghee or vanaspathi or hot oil-2 to 3 tblsps heaped
  10. oil to fry


  1. mix maida and chiroti rava well with hands,add ghee,mix with hands
  2. add rest of the ingredients
  3. sprinkle little water to form a thick dough
  4. knead well
  5. till it becomes soft
  6. divide the dough into 4 to5 balls
  7. roll it into thin chappathis
  8. cut into small diamonds shape pieces
  9. deep fry till crisp
  10. cool and store in a air tight containers


  1. to make a" sweet shankar poli "one sprinkle sugar after frying
  2. to make" kara"(spicy shankar poli)add salt and black pepper powder to the flour itself
  3. can add 1 tsp of om (ajawain) also
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