Shamige Payasa


  1. shamigae-1 cup
  2. water -2 cups
  3. milk-3cup
  4. sugar-1 /2 cup to 1 cup
  5. ellaki pudi-1 pinch
  6. ghee-2 tblsp
  7. drakshi godambi-1 tblsp each
  8. kesari-1 pinch



  1. fry drakshi godambi in ghee remove from pan keep aside
  2. fry shamigae in the same ghee on low heat till light brown in color
  3. add water cook for a while
  4. add milk, add lavanga
  5. add kesari cook until the semia is done
  6. now add sugar continue cooking on slow heat until quite thick
  7. remove from fire add ellaki godambi drakshi
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