Sabsigesoppu Palya


  1. soppu-2 kattu
  2. fresh grated coconut-1 tblsp
  3. salt to taste
  4. sugar -1 tsp
  5. red chilles-3to 4
  6. oil-1 tblsp
  7. sasivae-1tsp
  8. jeerigae-1tsp
  9. kadale belle, uddina belle-1 tsp each
  10. nibu rasa(lemon juice)-1 tsp


  1. heat oil in a kadai ,add sasivae ,jeera,kadale belle ,uddina belle ,fry till done
  2. add chilles fry
  3. add soppu and sugar,salt
  4. close the lid
  5. when its done add coconut, nimbu rasa,mix well


  1. same method for all soppu palya
  2. you can add boiled togari belle(1 cup) to soppina palya
  3. dont add belle to sapsigae soppu palya
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