Rice Kheer


  1. rice(basumathi or ordinary)-1 cup
  2. sugar-2 cups
  3. milk-11/2 lts
  4. kesari-a pinch

to be fried in ghee-2 tblsp

  1. drakshi(raisins)-1 tblsp
  2. godambi(cashew nut)-1 tblsp
  3. pista, badami-can be added with out frying
  4. ellakki (cardamom) powder-2 pinch


  1. make rice in presure cooker .it should be soft add 1/2 lts of milk while cooking
  2. in a kadai take boiled rice,add sugar, rest of milk
  3. in a low flame let it boil add kesari also
  4. when done (kheer consistency)add fried things ellakki powder ,pista badam
  5. mix well
  6. serve cold
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