Ravae Kesari Bhath


  1. chirroti rava(fine sooji)-1/2 cup
  2. water-11/2 cup
  3. sugar-1/2 cup
  4. ghee-1/4 to 1/2 cup
  5. kesari-1 pinch
  6. drakshi(raisins)-1 tblsp
  7. godambi(cashew nut)-1 tblsp
  8. ellakki(cardamom )powder-1 pinch
  9. lavanga-2

++ method

  1. heat 1 tblsp of ghee in a kadai add ravae,lavanga fry till good smell comes(light golden brown) on low flame keep aside on a plate
  2. boil water add sugar,kesari,add ghee ,rava
  3. on low flame stirr well till done switch off the gas

add fried drakshi and godambi in ghee
pour on kesari bhath add ellakki powder


can add small pieces of pineapple or banana when water is boiling

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