Ragi Halbhai


  1. ragi-1 cup(soak overnight)
  2. jagerry or sugar-1 cup
  3. ginger-1 small piece
  4. ghee-1/4 cup
  5. cardamom powder-1 tsp
  6. cashew nuts(fried in ghee )-1 tblsp


  1. soak ragi over night or 4 hrs in hot water
  2. grind it in a mixy
  3. grind to a smooth paste
  4. extract milk from straining it do it 3 to 4 times, till you extract all the milk
  5. grind ginger along
  6. in a thick bottomed kadai cook this milk stirring constantly
  7. add sugar or jagerry(if its jagerry melt in water before)
  8. add ghee,keep stirring till you get the consistency
  9. remove and pour on a greased plate sprinkle, fried cashew nuts
  10. cool and cut into cubes
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