Puri Oondae


  1. avalaki puri-3 to 4 cups
  2. jaggerry powdered-1 cup
  3. water-1/4 cup
  4. ellakki powder-little
  5. huri gadale-1/2 cup
  6. dehusked,roasted kadale kayi bija-1/2 cup
  7. kobbari grated-1/2 gituku


  1. clean the puri without stones and mud.
  2. .spread puri and other things in a broad basin
  3. keep jagerry and water on flame,in a vessel,prepare "paka"
  4. when paka is prepared pour on puri mixture,mix well with a laddle
  5. and form oondae when it is still hot with wet hands


can also do with
bangalore and mysore puri
battada aralu.

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