punjabi dhal


  1. rajmah-1/2 cup
  2. urad dhal whole-1/3 cup
  3. channa dhal-1/4 cup
  4. urad dhal split-1/4 cup
  5. ginger -1 tblsp
  6. split grren chillies-4 to 6
  7. tomatoes-4 finely chopped
  8. onions-3 finely chopped
  9. garam masala -1/4 tsp
  10. butter -2 tblsp
  11. oil-2 tblsp
  12. fresh corriander leaves
  13. jeera seeds-1 tsp
  14. curry leaves-few
  15. red chillies-2


  1. cook all the dhals together till done in pressure cooker for 2 whistles.
  2. heat 2 tblsp oil in a kadai,add jeera seeds,red chillies,curry leaves,onions,fry till onions turn golden in colour,add chopped tomatoes and cook well.
  3. add cooked dhals,ginger,green chillies,cook for few minutes.
  4. add butter or cream,garam masala powder and fresh corriander leaves.
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