Points To Remember


  1. set the control of the freezer of the fridge at the higest point 1 hour in advance
  2. metal containers are best for fast freezing
  3. always chill mixtures in the refrigerator before freezing,
  4. allow atleast 30 minutes for chilling as it helps the mixture freeze faster and thus prevents ice crystals from forming
  5. avoid the layer of ice cream more than 1 1/2 inches
  6. the ice cream will be almost fully set in 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour at this stage,remove from freezer and beat vigorously to break down the ice crystals using a electric beater or mixie return the mixture to the freezer and freeze again
  7. to make ice creams with a soft creamy texture,add some gelatine or corn flour to the mixture before freezing or if you like,add 1 beaten egg white ,for the smoother ice cream
  8. gelatine should always be soaked in water before adding it helps prevent crystallisation.
  9. once frozen the ice cream container should be covered tightly
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