pista date delite


  1. seedless chopped fresh dates-200gms
  2. blanched pista-150 gms(or cashew,almond or mixed)
  3. condensed milk-100ml
  4. butter-1 tblsp
  5. vanilla essence-1 tsp
  6. cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
  7. icing sugar-as required(1 or 2 tblsp)
  8. marie biscuit or rusk powder-2 to 4 tblsp


  1. cook dates,pista,condensed milk,essence,butter,cardamom powder in a kadai
  2. cook in slow flame ,till the mixture starts leaving the vessel
  3. cool for a while
  4. take aluminium foil,sprinkle icing sugar pour above mix,fold into a tight roll.(when still hot)
  5. keep in freezer until set
  6. cut into round pieces
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