Pani Puri


pani puri(ready made ones)-25

  1. boiled alu-1 cup
  2. boiled peas-1 cup
  3. finely cut onions-1/2 cup
  4. carrot grated-1/2 cup
  5. corriander leaves-little
  6. salt-a little

mix all the ingredients together except puris

for pani

diluted green chutney(pani) and sweet chutney with water


  1. make a hole with thumb on top side of each puri
  2. put the filling inside,add little sweet and and green chutney pani,serve immediately.


for dahi puri

  1. arrange the puris as mentined above in a plate
  2. pour whipped curd(with little salt and sugar)on top
  3. sprinkle sev,red chilli powder,salt,jeera powder ,a little kala namak,chopped corriander leaves on top
  4. serve immediately
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