Palak Soup


  1. palak(spinach)-2 bundles
  2. onion-1
  3. potato-1
  4. ginger- small piece
  5. green chille-1(whole)
  6. ghee or butter-1 tblsp
  7. milk- 1 cup
  8. corn flour-1 tblsp
  9. salt,sugar,pepper powder to taste


  1. peel potato and cut into cubes
  2. take only palak leaves
  3. heat butter ,fry onion(finely cut),add palak leaves
  4. add potato,green chille(whole),ginger sugar,.pour enough water
  5. pressure cook till one whistle
  6. cool down
  7. discard ginger and chille grind in mixy to a smooth paste
  8. add enough water ,salt, boil
  9. add corn flour mixed with milk boil
  10. add pepper powder serve hot
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