Onion Pakoda

1st type


  1. kadale hittu(besan)-1 cup
  2. rice powder-1 1/2 cup
  3. ghee-2 tblsp or oil
  4. cooking soda-a pinch
  5. red chilli powder- 3 tsp
  6. onion-4 to 5 big ones
  7. oil-for frying
  8. salt to taste
  9. curry and corriander leaves-3 tblsps


  1. cut onions into length wise
  2. mix all the ingredients,add hot oil or ghee also
  3. add little little water to small portions ,make pakodas and fry in hot oil

2nd type


  1. besan-1/2 cup
  2. rice flour-1 cup
  3. onions-3 finely shredded
  4. salt-1 tsp
  5. green chillies-4 to 6 chopped
  6. curry and corriander leaves-to taste
  7. hing- a pinch
  8. cashew nuts-few
  9. om powder-1 tblsp
  10. cooking soda-a pinch
  11. oil-for frying
  12. red chilli powder- 1 tsp


  1. mix all the ingredients together,add 1 tblsp of oil,sprinkle very little water (if needed),make a tight dough.
  2. make pakodas and fry in high flame.


  1. to make pakodas,use your finger tips,crumble the dough,and put directly in hot oil,irregular shape will form
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