Nalli Kayi Uppina Kayi


nalli kayi(goose-berries)-1 kg

  1. red chilles-1/4 kg
  2. sasivae(mustard seeds)-1/4 cup
  3. hunase rasa-1/4 kg
  4. salt(rock) to taste
  5. mangai shunti-1/4 kg
  6. makali beru-1/4 kg


  1. wash and cut nalli kayi into big pieces
  2. soak hunsae kayi,in water ,grind it and take juice out of it
  3. wash and cut mangai shunti,magali beru
  4. make dry powder of red chilles,add sasivae and powder it again,add salt and powder it
  5. to the abve add mangai shunti ( 4 to 5 pieces),grind it
  6. mix nalli kayi,ground mix,mangai shunti,magali beru,hunsae rasa in a broad basin
  7. pour into a jadi or bottle and use after 3 to 4 days
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