Mysore Pak


  1. kadale hittu(besan)-1 cup
  2. sugar-2 cup
  3. ghee-2 1/4 cup
  4. water-1/2 cup
  5. ellakki powder-to taste


  1. place a heavy kadai over fire,with sugar and water
  2. stir till sugar is dissolved and till you get 1 thread consistency
  3. sprinkle flour at this stage stirring constantly without forming lumps.
  4. in the mean time heat ghee separately over another stove till it becomes very hot
  5. when besan is blended well with sugar syrup,pour hot ghee little by little and stir constanly
  6. all the ghee gets absorbed
  7. after few minutes the mixture becomes frothy and leaves out the ghee add ellakki powder
  8. at this stage remove from fire and pour over a greased tray
  9. pat it well for even distribution.
  10. cut into pieces when it is still warm
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