Mosarrana Curd Rice


  1. rice-1 cup
  2. curd-5 to 6 cups
  3. milk(cream milk)-1 cup
  4. ginger-1'' piece(grated)
  5. green chilles-5
  6. fresh grated coconut-1 to 2 tblsp
  7. curry leaves-few
  8. corriander leaves-few
  9. salt to taste


  1. dalimbae seeds(pomegranate)
  2. grapes
  3. drakshi(raisins)


ghee-1 tblsp
sasivae-1 tsp
green chilles-finely cut


  1. cook rice in pressure cooker adding more water ,rice should be soft
  2. cool the rice
  3. add milk ,curd ,salt to the cooled rice ,mix with hand
  4. heat ghee in a oggarane spoon add sasivae ,green chilles.fry till done
  5. add that seasoning to rice
  6. now add ginger,coconut,curry and corriander leaves to the rice
  7. mix well
  8. add grapes or pomegranate seeds
  9. mix well serve cool
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