Mixed Fruit Jam


  1. papaya-1/4 kg
  2. apple-1/4 kg
  3. fully riped banana-1/4 kg
  4. pineapple-1/4 kg
  5. grapes(black) pulp-1/4 kg


(can make use of sapota,mango,guava,peach etc
not to use juicy fruits.)

  1. mixed fruit pulp-1 litre or 1 kg
  2. sugar-1 kg
  3. citric acid-1 tsp
  4. rasberry red colour-1 pinch
  5. sodium benzoate(preservative)-1 pinch
  6. mixed fruit essence-1/2 tsp


  1. select good and ripe fruits,and wash them well peel off the skin,cut into pieces or grate them ,remove seeds ,stones etc.
  2. mix the fruit pulp and sugar and cook till its 75%(till the end point is reached),then add citric acid (if the fruit is sweet ,add a little more citric acid or fruit is sour add a little less citric acid)
  3. add rasberry red colour also,mix well.
  4. boil again till you get the jam consistency,finally add essence,preservative.

Note to find out the end point

  1. in the begining jam will boil in the centre of the vessel ,finally you will find the bubbles at the sides of the vessel,
  2. take some jam in a plate ,allow to cool.it it sets alright,the jam is ready
  3. if you just dip a wooden laddle in a jam,raise it high,and allow it to drop.if it forms a "V" shape(sheet) the jam can be taken as ready.
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