Mint (pudina) bath


  1. rice-1cup
  2. potatoes-2
  3. peas-1/2cup
  4. carrot-2
  5. mint leaves-1 bunch
  6. green chilles-5to 6
  7. ginger-1/2 '' piece
  8. haldi-pinch
  9. lemon juice-2 tblsp
  10. oil-3 to4 tblsp
  11. jeerigae-2tblsp
  12. fresh grated coconut-1/2 cup


  1. make rice in cooker cool it by spreading it in a basin
  2. boil peas also
  1. mean while grind,mint leaves,green chilles,ginger, jeerigae, coconut(donot add water)(or can add coconut separetly without grinding)
  2. in a kadai heat oil ,add carrot alu pieccs,fry
  3. add peas,ground masala haldi salt,sugar fry well
  4. add lemon juice mix well
  5. take out from gas,add rice mix well.
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