Mavina Kayi Ennae Uppina Kayi


  1. big omellete mavina kayi(green raw mangoes)-10
  2. salt-2 cups
  3. red chilli powder-2 cups
  4. menthya seeds-100 gms
  5. sasivae(mustard seeds)-250 gms
  6. turmeric powder-2 tsp
  7. til oil-1/2 litre.


  1. wash and cut mavina kayi into pieces,spread on a cloth to remove exces moisture or keep in sun light for 1/2 hr
  1. fry menthya seeds and powder it
  2. fry sasivae also and powder it
  3. mix together mavina kayi,powders,salt,turmeric powder, oil
  4. mix well ,pour into a jadi or glass bottle ,for 4 to 5 days daily stir it.

note you can warm oil and cool and then add to the above

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