1. maida-1 cup
  2. pure ghee or vanaspathi-1 tblsp each
  3. salt-1/2 tsp
  4. om (ajwain)-1 tsp
  5. lavanga-few (optional)

oil-for frying


  1. mix salt and maida om in a bowl
  2. blend ghee or vanaspathi with the maida,mix
  3. sprinkle little water to form a thick dough
  1. knead well till it becomes soft,make 3or 4 balls
  2. roll out into chappathis
  3. prick top of chappathi with a fork and then cut into small diamonds
  4. can put 1 lavanga in the centre of each
  5. deep fry till crisp and golden
  6. cool and store
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