Lemon Drop Ice Cream


  1. milk-4 cups
  2. cream-1 1/4 cup
  3. freezing mix or ice cream powder-4 tblsp
  4. powdered sugar-3/4 cup
  5. lemon juice-2 tblsps
  6. lemon drops(orange balls-pepper mints)-6
  7. lemon peel grated-1 tsp
  8. a little -lemon colour
  9. CMC and GMS-1 tsp each
  10. liquid glucose-1 tblsp


  1. dissolve CMC and GMS in 1 cup water and cook till it looks like starch and cool.
  2. keep the milk on fire,as it starts boiling,add cmc and gms paste along with liquid glucose, take out from fire and add freezing mix,mix well,cool it,
  3. mix all the other ingredients,except lemon drops,beat well
  4. keep it in the freezer to set at highest temperature
  5. crush the lemon drops
  6. when set ,take out the ice cream from the freezer,add fresh cream ,and beat it again,add crushed lemon drops,again keep it in the freezer to set firm
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