Kayi Obbattu


  1. coconut-1 or grated fresh coconut-2 cups
  2. soaked raw rice-1 tblsp
  3. grated jaggery-1 cup
  4. ellakki powder-1 tsp

for kannaka

  1. chiroti rava-1 cup
  2. maida-1/2 cup
  3. turmeric powder-1 pinch
  4. dalda(melted) or oil-1 to 2 tblsp
  5. salt-a pinch

method for preparing kannaka(dough)

  1. mix chiroti rava,maida,oil ,salt,turmeric powder together,in a bowl
  2. add water little by little,and knead to a smooth pilable dough
  3. keep closed for sometime


  1. grate coconut finely
  2. grind soaked rice first,then add jaggery,ellakki,coconut grated without adding water.

fry it in a deep kadai to remove excess moisture donot over cook,as it becomes hard
cool make into balls and use this as stuffing (hurana)

method for making obbattu

  1. prepare small balls from maida dough(kannaka)and spread lightly on your palm or on a greased plastic sheet,keep one coconut ball(hurana)inside each and cover it propely
  2. apply little oil to plastic sheet and pat the balll to medium circle or using a rolling bin,roll it out
  3. fry it on a hot tawa,both sides
  4. keep on a flat plate side by side.
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