Kayi Kadubu


  1. rice powder-1 cup
  2. water-1 1/2 cup
  3. salt-1 tsp
  4. refined oil-5 tsp


  1. keep water in a heavy kadai,add salt,and oil.
  2. when it is boiled add rice powder slowly in a low flame
  3. let rice powder boil in it for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. remove from fire smash well and make into balls

ingredients for filling

  1. fresh grated coconut-1 cup
  2. jagerry(bella)powdered-1/2 cup
  3. ellakki powder-1 to 2 tsp


  1. mix coconut and jagerry in a kadai,stir on medium flame till all the moisture gets obsorbed.add ellakki powder.mix well.

method for making"sihi kadubu"

  1. roll out the rice balls ,put the coconut filling inside,and fold it care fully.
  2. make all the kadubus like this and arrange in a greased plate or cooker bowl
  3. steam for 10 minutes like idlis

note method for making" karada kadubu"

  1. prepare the batter as given in the "masala idli"
  2. fill this batter in the rolled out rice balls,and fold it care fully
  3. arrange them in a greased plates.or idli plate stand
  4. steam in the pressure cooker for 10 to 12 minutes


for best results you can wash rice and soak for some time,drain through a colander ,spread on a cloth in a shady place to remove excess moisture.dry it
then mill this to a fine powder or you can use raw rice powder also.

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