Kassata Ice Cream


take 3-types of ice cream

  1. take cake or bread pieces
  2. chopped walnutts
  3. rectangular ice cream box
  4. tutti-fruity pieces


  1. beat vanilla ice cream and pour into the box
  2. put in the freezer to set
  3. when set remove,spread a layer of tutti fruitty and nuts,pour the chocolate ice cream over it.
  4. keep back in the freezer to set
  5. when set ,take out again pour a layer of nuts,pour strawberry ice cream
  6. put it back to set,when it is completly set, arrange the cake or bread pieces which are soaked in any juice or syrup or milk with sugar
  7. again keep for 10 minutes in the freezer to set firm


  1. unmould the ice cream,on a plate ,decorate with chopped nuts,all around or even with grated chocolate
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