Kashaya Pudi


  1. dry ginger powder-1 cup
  2. red kal sakkare-1 cup(red sugar or red candy pieces)
  3. saunf(sompu)-1 tsp
  4. jeera-1 tsp
  5. corriander seeds-2 tsp
  6. lavanga-10
  7. black pepper seeds-10
  8. dalchini-10
  9. paccha karpura(cooking camphor)-1 pinch
  10. jesta madhu(yasti madhu)-1 cup


  1. fry the above things powder and store in an air tight jar
  2. take 1 tsp of powder boil with 1 glass of water add 1 tsp of jagerry
  3. add 1/4 cup of milk and drink after straining


  1. while making kashaya add a pinch of turmeric
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