Karrjuura Gojju


  1. karrjuura(dates)-1 cup
  2. bella(jagerry)-2 lemon size
  3. menasina pudi(rasam powder)-2 tblsp
  4. tamarind-lemon size (soaked)


  1. oil- 2 tblsp
  2. sasivae-1 tsp
  3. jeera-1 tsp
  4. haldi-1 tsp
  5. curry leaves-few


  1. take seed less dates
  2. wash and boil it when it becomes soft switch off the stove
  3. cool and grind it to a paste
  4. in a kadai heat oil add sasivae,jeera when splutters add ground paste
  5. add haldi,bella, menasina pudi,tamarind curry leaves,salt boil well till you get gojju consistency
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