1. chiroti ravae(fine sooji)-1 cup
  2. maida-1 tblsp
  3. salt-a pinch
  4. butter or RG ghee-1 tblsp

refined oil-for frying

for inner filling

  1. kobbari (dry coconut)grated-1 cup
  2. powdered sugar or sugar -1 cup
  3. ellakki (cardamom)powder-1 tsp


  1. mix rava and maida with salt ,add butter or ghee ,mix all together in a bowl
  2. add enough water to form a thick stiff dough
  3. keep aside

mix kobbari,sugar,and ellakki powder well

  1. make small balls out of the dough,roll into small thin puris using maida flour
  2. spread the kobbari filling on it
  3. wet the edges and seal it or you can use the kargadubu mould
  4. make all the kargadubus and fry in oil in a reduced flame till crisp
  5. take out on a colander cool
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