Kallu Tambitina Oondae

ingredients for the powder

  1. hesru belle-2 cup
  2. kadale belle-1 cup
  3. raw rice-1 cup
  4. hurigadale-1 cup


  1. wash rice in hot water and spread on a cloth,when it is dry ,fry in a kadai,it will become like "puri"
  2. fry(roast)hesaru belle and kadale belle separetly till it turns light brown.
  3. mix fried belle,fried rice,hurigadale ,powder it in a mixy or mill it to a fine powder

method for making oondae

things needed

  1. powder,
  2. jagerry,
  3. ellakki powder
  4. pure ghee
  5. kobbari powder
  6. kesari
  7. add little water to the jaggerry ,when jaggerry is dissolved strain it .transfer to a kadai
  1. keep the kadai on the fire on low flame,add ghee ,kobbari to the hot jaggerry water, and ellakki powder to it.
  1. then slowly add milled powder till you get the oondae consistency
  2. remove from fire
  3. shape into balls while it is still hot.
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