1. maida-4 cup
  2. curd-3/4 cup
  3. water- a little
  4. oil-2 tsp

for the syrup

  1. sugar-3 cup
  2. water-3 cup
  3. kesari-a little
  4. kesari colour-1/2 tsp
  5. prepare sugar syrup in a vessel ,mix kesari and kesari colour(nulupaka)


  1. keep a hand full of maida separetly.mix rest of the maida with curd and water adding 2 tsp of oil. keep over night.
  2. next day add that handfull of maida to the above ,make the batter to "dosa batter "consistency.
  3. fill this batter in jilebi making bottle
  4. heat oil in a flat pan.
  5. squeeze gently and form 2 to 3 spirals in the oil without stopping,cross it in the centre while finishing.
  6. prepare jilebis few at a time,turn over gently,fry till crisp on both sides in reduced flame.
  7. put the fried jilebis into hot sugar syrup
  8. let it soak
  9. remove and arrange on a flat plate
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