1. uddina belle-2 cups
  2. raw rice-1 handfull
  3. sugar-3 cups
  4. water-1 cup
  5. kesar colour-1/2 tsp
  6. kesari-a little

refined oil-to fry


  1. soak uddina belle and rice together in water for 1 hour
  2. grind into smooth thick frothy paste with little water(when little batter is put in water ,it should float in water)

for syrup

  1. mix sugar and water in a vessel ,heat till 1/2 thread consistency is reached(nulu paka)
  2. add kesari,kesar colour to this.

method for making jahangir

  1. heat oil in a flat pan
  2. take little dough in jahangir cloth .
  3. close it properly,and make a circle in "clock wise "direction,in oil,and continue with chain like rings.in "anti clock wise "direction,on top of it so that shape is formed.
  4. turn over gently when it is cooked.
  5. take it out from oil,drain excess oil and put in hot sugar syrup.
  6. allow it to soak for 1 minute turning once.

remove and arrange on a flat plate.


if sugar syrup crystallises before finishing all the jahangir,add very little water and heat once again to dissolve it.

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