Huli Or Sambar Pudi


  1. kadale belle-11/2 cups
  2. uddina belle-1 cup
  3. dhania (corriander seeds)-4 cups
  4. Jeerige—1 1/2 cup
  5. menthya-2 tbsps
  6. Sasive—2 tbsps
  7. Pepper—1teaspoon
  8. dalchini-4'' piece
  9. red chilles-1/2 kg
  10. Lavanga( cloves)—4
  1. ssp special hing-few grannules
  2. curry leaves-2 handsfull


  1. fry kadale belle,uddina belle.till it becomes golden brown
  2. fry dhania till crisp
  3. fry menthya ,jeerige,sasive,till brown,fry lavanga ,dalchini,hing,curry leaves
  4. fry red chilles adding little oil.
  5. powder every thing and store in a air tight container
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