Gobi palya


  1. gobi (cauliflower)-1small
  2. green chilles-3 to 4
  3. lemon juice-1 tblsp
  4. curry leaves-few
  5. freshly grated coconut-2 tblsp
  6. sugar-2 tsp


  1. sasivae-1tsp
  2. jeerigae-1tsp
  3. oil-2 tbls
  4. haldi-1/4 tsp


  1. heat oil in a kadai,add seasonings,fry till done then add green chilles.and curry leaves.
  2. add gobi florets also
  3. add sugar,salt,to the above
  4. sprinkle little water ,close the lid, let it cook
  5. when its soft, add coconut,lemon juice mix well


same method for

  1. alu
  2. cabagge
  3. bendae kayi
  4. badane kayi
  5. mix vegetables
  6. kumbala kayi
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