Ghus Ghase Payasa


  1. ghusae(khus khus)-100 gm or 1 cup
  2. rice-1 handfull
  3. ghee-2 tsp
  4. coconut,kobbari(1/2 -1/2)-1 cup
  5. badam-4
  6. ellaki full-4
  7. bella(jagerry)-1 cup
  8. lavanga-2
  9. jai kayi(nut meg)-1/2


  1. fry ghus ghsae,rice,badam,lavanga,ellaki on low flame till ghus ghusae turns light brown
  2. powder it in a mixy finely
  3. grind coconnut ,kobbari,separetly till fine paste
  4. then add ghus ghusae powder grind adding little water grind to a fine paste
  5. boil bella with little water strain for any dirt
  6. take bella water and ghus ghusae paste add water till you get payasa consistency boil well
  7. keep on stirring other wise lumps will form
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