Fruit Punch Or Cocktail

This is a drink prepared out of mixed fruits.

  1. .grape juice-1 litre
  2. pineapple-2 litre
  3. orange juice-1 litre
  4. lemon juice-50 ml
  5. ginger-5o gms

or mixed fruit juice-1 litre

  1. water- 1 litre
  2. sugar-2 kg
  3. citric acid-4 tsp
  4. rasberry red colour-1 pinch
  5. mixed fruit essence-1 tsp
  6. preservative(k.m.s)-1 pinch


  1. prepare the sugar syrup with sugar,water,and citric acid. .strain and cool it.
  2. to the cooled syrup add mixed fruit juice,essence,colour and mix well.add preservative also.
  3. pour into clean ,dry sterlised bottles,leaving 1'' head space.
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