Chutney Powder


  1. kadale belle(channa dhal)-2cups
  2. uddina belle(urad dhal)-1 cup
  3. kobbari(dry coconut)-1cup
  4. red chilles-15 to 18
  5. tamarind-lemon size
  6. hing-2 grannules
  7. curry leaves-handfull
  8. corriander leaves-handfull
  9. salt to taste


  1. oil-1 tblsp
  2. sasivae-1tsp
  3. jeera-1tsp


  1. fry both the belles in a kadai without adding oil on low flame
  2. fry all the other ingredients also on low flame
  3. cool to room temperature.
  4. mix all the ingredients powder ina mixy,coaresely, season it mix well
  5. store in a airtight container.


  1. can add 1 big bunch of curry leaves dried in sunlight or fried in a kadai
  2. add corriander leaves or pudina leaves or sabasigae leaves as mentioned above.
  3. add finely cut or finely scarapped hagala kayi(bitter gourd), or shunti(ginger)dried well in sunlight,and finally fried and add to the chutney powder.

method is same as mentioned for chutney powder.

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