1. kabuli channa-(soaked and boiled)-1 cup
  2. jeera-1 tblsp
  3. tej patta-1(optional)
  4. green chilles-1
  5. onion-2(grated)
  6. tomato-2(puree)
  7. alu-2
  8. ginger -garlic paste-1 tblsp
  9. dhania powder-2 tblsp
  10. jeera powder-1 tblsp
  11. red chille powder-2 tblsp
  12. amchur powder-1 tblsp
  13. garam masala powder-1 tblsp
  14. ghee or oil -3 tblsp
  15. curry leaves- few
  16. corriander leaves-few
  17. haldi-1 pinch
  18. salt to taste


  1. peel alu and cut into big cubes
  2. in a kadai heat oil fry alu and keep aside
  3. in the same kadai heat oil,add jeera,green chille ,tej patta,grated onion fry for a while
  4. add ginger garlic paste fry now add haldi dhania powder,jeera powder,red chille powder,amchur,
  5. fry then add boiled channa,tomato puree,salt garam masala,boil for 15 mins
  6. add corriander leaves curry leaves
  7. finally add fried alu


same method for

  1. rajma beans
  2. hesaru kallu(moong)
  3. white peas
  4. or mixed kallu
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