Choco Wheels


  1. maida-13/4 cup
  2. powdered sugar-1 cup
  3. dalda-1 cup
  4. baking powder-1 tsp
  5. cocoa-2 tblsp
  6. vanilla essence-1 tsp
  7. salt-a pinch
  8. egg-1


  1. sieve maida,baking powder,salt together
  2. cream sugar,dalda and egg well
  3. mix in the flour, and make a soft dough
  4. divide dough into 2 parts
  5. add cocoa to one part and blend it well.
  6. now to the other part add vanilla essence.
  7. now roll each part into thick round disc
  8. place one layer above the other,the cocoa one should be on the top
  9. care fully roll up like a swiss roll and wrap in the aluminium foil,refrigerate for 10 minutes
  10. take out and cut into 1 cm rounds.(slices)
  11. arrange on a greased baking tray,and bake in a oven for 10 to 15 on a wire rack.
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