Bonda Or Bajji Hittu


  1. kadale hittu(bengal gram flour)-1 cup
  2. rice flour-1 handfull or 1|4cup
  3. maida-1 tblsp(optional)
  4. red chilli powder-3 to 4 tsps or to your taste
  5. salt-2 tsp
  6. turmeric powder-1 pinch
  7. cooking soda-1 pinch
  8. oil-a little- 2 tsp


mix all the ingredients,heat oil and add to it add water and prepare a thick batter(dosa batter consistency)
this batter is used for making all vegetable "bajji"s


1.seamae badanae
2.badanae kayi
4.herae kayi
5.balle kayi
8.cauli flower
10.spinach leaves chilles


cut vegetables into thin slices

  1. heat oil in a kadai(curved pan),dip vegetable slices one by one

in the batter to coat both sides and slip in oil carefully.5 to 6 or more pieces can be fried at a time.

  1. fry till it turns golden ,transfer on a colander or absorbant paper .
  2. serve hot.


bombai bonda

  1. make vegetable palya ,make balls out of pallya dip in the batter and deep fry
  2. can also do with aloo-3(boiled and mashed)-onion (1),green chillies,salt,corriander leaves,peas.prepare palya,or aloo palya(bombai bonda)


  1. to make crisp bajjis,omit maida and add more rice powder.
  2. do not add more soda which makes the bajji to consume more oil
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