Bendekai (bhindi) palya(1 type)


  1. bhindi-1/4 kg-(cut into round shape)
  2. green chilles-3to 4
  3. onion-2
  4. coconut-1/4 cup
  5. nimbu rasa(lemon juice)-2 tblsp
  6. curry leaves-few
  7. haldi-1/4 tsp


  1. oil-2 tblsp
  2. sasivae-1 tsp
  3. jeerigae-1tsp


  1. in a kadai heat oil ,add seasoning one by one,fry till it stops spluttering
  2. add green chilles,curry leaves,,onion,bindi.fry for a while
  3. add haldi ,nimbu rasa fry well
  4. fry in medium flame till done add coconut. mix well and serve
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