Belle Obbattu


For Hoorana

  1. kadale belle-1/2 kg
  2. togari belle-1/2 kg
  3. grated jaggery-1 1/4 kg
  4. grated fresh coconut-1(300gms)
  5. ghus-ghase-40 gms(powder)
  6. ellakki-50 gms(powder)
  7. jaikayi-2(powder)

For kannaka

  1. chiroti rava-1/4 kg
  2. maida-1/4 kg
  3. refined oil-2 tblsp
  4. salt-1/2 tsp

rice powder-1 tblsp(optional)
turmeric powder-1 pinch

  1. mix rava,maida,salt,refined oil,turmeric powder in a bowl till it blends well
  2. add water gradually and knead to a soft pliable dough
  3. keep it closed for 1 hour
  4. knead again till dough becomes elastic and soft

method for preparing horanna

#cook kadale belle,togari belle,adding little turmeric powder in pressure cooker till one whistle

  1. if water is remaining,filter it completly through a colander
  2. grind it while its still hot
  3. add jaggery,powdered ghasghase,jaikayi ,ellaki,and coconut
  4. keep on fire,and cook till jaggery is melted completely
  5. stir it till horanna is done ,that is it should come like a ball


you can prepare this horana on the previous night itself

Method for preparing obbattu

  1. make even sized (big lemon sized)balls out of horrana
  2. divide maida dough into equal number of balls
  3. keep one ball of filling inside maida ball by flattening it
  4. cover and seal well
  5. pat it on top of a thick plasric sheet or on a greased plantain leaf
  6. roll out into a circle like thin chappathi
  7. heat a flat tava over the stove
  8. turn over obbattu on top of tava carefully with the plastic sheet.
  9. peel the plastic sheet alone gently,so that obbattu remains on the tawa
  10. pour little oil around and cook on both sides
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