BeLe saaru(mysore rasam)


  1. togari belle(toovar dhal)-3 to 4tblsp
  2. tomato-3
  3. haldi(turmeric)-apinch
  4. curry leaves-few
  5. corriander leaves-few
  6. menasina pudi-1 tblsp (flat)(rasam powder or saaru pudi)

optional-sopasigae soppu-1 bunch,drum stick-3(both boiled in cooker)


  1. ghee-1tblsp
  2. sasivae(mustard seeds)-1tsp
  3. jeera-1tsp
  4. hing(asafotieda)-1/2tsp


  1. boil belle(dhal) in a pressure cooker, adding haldi
  2. keep tomato separetely (in a separate container of the cooker)
  3. take boiled beele in a kadai,(mash the belle)add 2tsp of sugar,menasina pudi-1 to 2 tsp
  4. let it boil for few mins with little water
  5. add curry leaves
  6. grind tomato or mash it
  7. add to the above boiling dhal.
  8. add enough water ,salt to taste, boil well
  9. give oggarane(seasoning),put some corriander leaves
  10. heat ghee in a oggarane spoon(laddle) add sasivae(mustard seeds),jeera,hing .after it splutters pour over hot saaru
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