Belada Hannu Panaka


  1. belada hannu -1
  2. grated jaggery or sugar -to taste
  3. ellakki (cardamom )powder-a pinch


  1. break open the fruit,remove the inner pulp
  2. squeeze the pulp,soak in water for a little while,squeeze out the juice and strain
  3. ,add grated jaggery or sugar ,mix well with hands till jaggery is dissolved completly.
  4. add ellakki powder ,mix well
  5. serve the panaka
  6. if necessary add water
  7. for extra taste ,a pinch of black salt(kala namak),and 1/2 tsp of jeera and black pepper powder can be added


  1. if belada hannu is not sour a liitle tamarind juice can be added to the panaka


same method for

  1. karbuja hannu
  2. hunase hannu(should be soaked for 1 or 2 hour and filtered)
  3. passion fruit
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